Why do you work for IKEA?​

There are so many reasons that I work for IKEA. The main ones are that I really believe that there are so many ways to grow within IKEA. There is no one set path for an individual and if you want to develop you can. I feel that over the 20 years I have grown personally and professionally. Of course this takes hard work and effort also but the opportunities and definitely there.

You really do get to take responsibility! In my last job as store manager, which has been my best job so far, you really got 100% ownership of the store, people and results. I think that is an incredible responsibility that IKEA gives you. On the other side it is also great giving responsibility to people.

I also to get to work with so many great people. Wherever you go with IKEA you meet people who share the same culture and values. That means along the way you make long lasting connections.

IKEA really take care of you as an individual. In my experience IKEA have on many occasions looked after my personal and professional needs. Listening to me and supporting me in every way possible. You really are treated as an individual.

How do you make a difference to a better IKEA?

By working together with people and sharing my experience. I believe that the biggest contributions that you make as a leader is to support others development. I think we have a huge responsibility when it comes to growing leaders of the future. We should see this as one of our main tasks to ensure that we have a long and successful future.

Similar to supporting people I feel we have to believe in people. I have never been fully ready to take my next step but together with the support of IKEA, my line manager and my own determination it works out. We should take more chances and not always wait for people to be ready.

I feel in my last role and the role I have today we can have a wider impact on the community around us. Working to our vision is really important and I know we can do this every day in the store. We can also do this through community projects that support building our brand.

Not only do you have your main role in IKEA you also get asked to support on various tasks and projects. You can really share your knowledge and experience on a wider scale. I have had several opportunities to do this.

​What have been your key highlights?

I was fortunate enough to facilitate the in-store logistics programme in our college in Delft. This was an amazing experience where I got to share my knowledge. It also helped develop myself in many ways. I was exposed to international co-workers which helped me to be more conscious of how I present. It also really helped with my confidence in these situations.

Scott Renshaw
Deputy Country Retail Manager - USA

My IKEA Journey Until Now - Scott Renshaw

My IKEA Journey until now...

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What has been your biggest learning? ​

Having the confidence and belief in myself. Having the confidence to share my opinion. I think sometimes you have to brave and share what you really believe in. If you feel strongly about something then we should be open and share.

I am a perfectionist and this has positives and negatives. This would sometimes frustrate me when we were not always ready 100%. I now realise that sometimes 70% can be good enough. Let’s work on the rest and learn from any mistakes

Let others take the lead. It is more important to have a team around you that does an amazing job than try to do everything yourself.

What would you have done differently? ​

Move quicker – It might sound obvious but I had steepest and best development curve every time I moved location or position. This 100% continues today with my journey in the US

I would not be closed to roles that I would not do. I said I did not want to be a shopkeeper in showroom or a store manager. I have done both of these roles with IKEA and they are actually two of the roles I enjoyed the most. They are also where I developed the most.

Be more open about who I am and how I lead.

What are your key responsibilities in your current role? ​

Currently I am responsible for the West coast of the USA. This is a huge market for IKEA. I live in LA which itself had a huge population and potential for IKEA. In my region there are 12 stores and we focus on the customer experience, great place to work, community and growth.

I am part of the US management team that sets and leads the direction of the country.

I also have a huge responsibility for spotting and developing the future leaders of IKEA.

What skills do you need for your current role?

A Passion for people, Curiosity, Influencing skills, Commerciality and customer focused. A good understanding of business.

An interest in what is happening in the retail world around us.

​What do you want to do next at IKEA?

I believe that we first have to focus on doing a great job and grow in what we are doing today.

That said there are some roles that I would like to do. My current role is leading me to be a retail manager of a country. I would also like to work together with the IKEA foundation.

I feel that there are many jobs in IKEA and I plan to stay to make sure I can try as many as possible.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about this role?

Take the responsibility for your development. Don’t sit back and expect it will happen. Ensure that you learn as much as you can and experience as much as you can.

Lead by example and live up to what you expect of others.

Listen to advice because there are many people in IKEA that have done this role or similar. Take the time to talk about their experiences. People are always willing to share.

I work for IKEA because life outside of work is important to me. Ensure that you maintain that healthy work life balance.