Many ways to grow

At IKEA we strongly believe there are many ways to grow

We offer exceptional career and learning possibilities. We encourage you to try different roles, change between functions and even move abroad (if that’s what you want). You can design your own career path according to your development plan and future goals. We especially believe in everyone’s ability to develop and you don’t always need professional qualifications to take on new roles.

Leadership in IKEA is based on our values and cultural heritage. IKEA leaders develop a trustful climate and encourage an open and honest dialogue and that enables all co-workers to develop new ideas and innovation. This means as leaders we believe in our people, involve our people and care about our people to make them all feel important.

We invest in our co-workers’ development by offering a variety of internal training programmes. And while of course your professional development is important, we also think your personal development is just as important too.

The programmes we have to develop you

Stepping Up Programme - Retail Apprentice Programme

Are you at the start of your career and want to develop to become a team leader or a manager?

Our 'Stepping Up' programme is our retail apprentice programme that is all about providing co-workers with the management, leadership and retail skills they need to be able to take responsibility for an area and team within a year.

Fast Tracker Programme

Are you at the start of your career, are committed to developing yourself and are prepared to move anywhere across the UK and Ireland to do this?

Our fast tracker programme is all about learning in the business through two assignments in two different places and in two different work areas. Fast trackers are given the support of a host manager and four leadership days. The programme is unique as it is based on your individual needs and career aspirations. Moving around supports both persona and professional development. May be it will be the first time moving away from home.

Next Generation

Do you have the potential and aspiration to become and senior leader in our business?

Next generation supports exsisting leaders to be able to "lead leaders" and become a future member of the unit management team responsible for leading the unit direction. The programme is based around the long term direction of IKEA UK and Ireland.

The possibilities are endless

Here at IKEA we offer so many ways to grow....your destination, your path and how you get there is yours to decide.