Travel the world with IKEA

We encourage you to follow your passions, try new roles or keep growing in a position you love. We have many different types of roles that you could try in many different countries, including Sales, Engineering, Purchasing, Interior Design, human resources, logistics, marketing and communications, retail management, sustainability… the possibilities are endless!

In IKEA careers are more interesting! The ownership of your future in IKEA is supported by well-described career paths, relevant training and lots of learning-in-the-business, where you get the opportunity to grow and develop in your current assignment and in different parts of IKEA, across functions and across processes.

In IKEA there are many ways to grow. It's not 'one size fits all'. We offer great opportunities in local and global environments.

You can grow where you are today

For most of us becoming more competent in our current position is the main focus. This could be about improving your job or business knowledge or developing certain capabilities. This is the basis for developing in IKEA.

You can grow across functions and processes

This is about growing by working in another department, unit and/or country. You will not only be part of a new context, but you will also get new assignments and a wider perspective of the IKEA business.

When you grow, IKEA grows too!

IKEA Careers are different

At IKEA careers are not traditional, they are as different as you are! Your journey is unique, according to your development plan and the future goals of IKEA.

Travel the world

With 155,000 co-workers and operations in 43 countries, there are a lot of opportunities to travel the world with IKEA. Your development path could take you from the UK to Sweden… or even as far as China or Australia!