Benefits - The details

Benefit Detail
Holidays 20 Days (plus 8 compensatory days) The amount of holidays you receive will increase with your service.
SicknessSick pay scheme. Once you have worked with us for three months you will become eligible to receive sick pay.
Service AwardsCelebrate 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years’ service with IKEA. Receive a pin and also after 10 years flowers, champagne and IKEA Gift Vouchers.
Pension Scheme You are eligible to join the IKEA pension scheme after receiving your first months’ pay, which offers a tax efficient way of saving towards your retirement. IKEA’s contribution is 6.5% and you pay 4% based on pensionable pay. Auto-enrolment rate is 5% for IKEA and 3% for co-worker from 6th April 2019.
Family Friendly Way of Working IKEA provides a number of family friendly local rules and most exceed statutory requirements. Eligibility varies with length of service and earnings. These local rules include: Maternity, Adoption, Paternity, Parental Leave, Flexible Working.
Life Insurance As soon as you join us from your 1st day of employment you are eligible for life insurance at 3 times your contractual basic salary.
Product Discount We give you 15% discount on our products so you can enjoy them in your home.
Subsidised Food and DrinkWhen you have a meal in our staff restaurant we subsidise your food. We want you to be healthy in the workplace so we also provide a free healthy meal option. Tea and coffee are also free in all our staff restaurants.
Interest Free Loan IKEA will give you an interest-free loan on the following (eligibility is dependent on service): Travel (season tickets); Childcare (support 1st month fees); Computer; Bike & Safety Equipment; IKEA Furniture; Education (Min loan is £250 to a max of £1,500).
Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)We provide all our co-workers with a confidential free phone service. This service is for you and your family, offering access to advice, information and face-to-face counselling. Experienced consultants provide free advice on issues including: legal, tax, financial, childcare/eldercare, marital/family and work/career matters.
First Day at School LeaveFamily is important so once you have passed your probation period with us we give our co-workers a day off work for their childs first day at school.
Marriage, Civil to Civil Leave Once you have completed your probationary period we give all co-workers an addtional days leave for their special day
End Of Year Present We give you Christmas present to thank you for your contribution throughout the year.
Tertials To provide an opportunity for you to get to know other co-workers within your department out of work, IKEA subsidises a tertial event twice a year and an all store end of year party.
Bereavement Paid time off for immediate family members.
Uniform provided for all co-workers.Can't decide what to wear in the morning? We provide uniform for co-workers.
Payroll Giving You are able to set up charitable giving through our payroll
TACK The IKEA Group Loyalty Programme is a payment into your pension pot to show appreciation for your loyalty. You will receive details during your induction..
Sabbatical LeaveCo-workers with 25 years continuous service are entitled to a 12 week paid sabbatical during the year in which the service is achieved.
Given DayDuring the Christmas period to support you IKEA gives an additional day's holiday to all its co-workers.

You Are Important

Each of our co-workers brings their unique ideas and talent to work every day – they are what makes IKEA great. We want to make sure every co-worker feels welcomed and valued, and has the opportunity to develop their potential. Because when our co-workers grow, so does IKEA.