Logistics - Our Store Roles

Logs Manager

Together with your store business partners drive the store commercial agenda, bringing the logistics specialist knowledge secure availability and quality products for our customers. They ensure that there is a consistently high and stable availability, in the IKEA product range, for our customers at the lowest possible cost. Through this they contribute to the growth of IKEA and improve our customers’ life at home.

Goods Flow Manager

Contribute to an excellent customer experience by leading & inspiring your team to efficiently move goods around the store ensuring maximum product availability. They work with there follow logisitic and commercial partners to maximise the efficiency of the logistics process and function within store.

Sales, Support and Supply Manager

Lead the sales supply support team to create and improve excellent availability and range management through effective forecasting. They create and constantly improve excellent availability, securing the highest possible stock accuracy. They also secure necessary competence which enables the Commercial Team to successfully implement the Inventory processes in the store