Local Marketing

If you have a passion for understanding Life at Home in your local market and a desire to secure a great day out for our customers; if you want to show our IKEA FAMILY members that we really value and understand them and to help drive visitation to your store through clever communications; if you relish the challenge of hard work but enjoy having fun with a lively team then perhaps it’s time you considered a career in Local Marketing.

IKEA Family & CRM

If brand loyalty, increasing sales and building customer relationships are your passion then IKEA FAMILY is the team for you. This exciting position enables you to dig deeper into our members’ behaviours, deliver relevant and direct communication that drives visitation to our stores, but most importantly drive brand loyalty.

You’ll be responsible for driving the plan to recruit, engage, communicate to, retain and activate IKEA FAMILY members for the store.

You’ll need to drive preference for the store and the brand by offering a loyalty programme that is relevant to our consumers’ everyday life at home and promotes IKEA as the Leaders in Life at home.

You’ll use membership sales history and shopping habits data to ensure we understand our members’ needs, choices and potential values.

External Communications

As part of the external communications department, you’ll work with a team of creative and strategic people who are dedicated to developing engaging communications, which really connect with our consumer and help them to better understand what IKEA has to offer.

You’ll use the very latest models and methods to make sure you absolutely know the best way, time and place to reach your audience. From memorable TV adverts to high-impact leaflets, you’ll be responsible for how the rest of the country views IKEA.

If you’re passionate about the brand and think you would thrive in a fast-paced, creative career then external communications could be for you.


You don’t have to be a wizard on the web to work for the online team. It’s not just about providing a platform for customers to buy online; is an exciting new channel that we’re using to bring the brand closer to our consumers.

You’ll be responsible for leading the growth of our online presence working with multiple business teams including e-commerce.

It’s your job to make sure the consumer journey through the website flows seamlessly, and makes sense so that IKEA becomes the first and natural choice for home furnishing inspiration, advice and product choice on the web.

An important part of the job will be driving traffic to the IKEA website by attracting new visitors and encouraging current visitors to visit more frequently throughout their life stages.

Market Intelligence

It’s not enough to just know who our customers are. We need to know where they are at any given time, what they think about, how they like to live, how they like to sleep and most importantly, how they like to shop. It doesn’t stop there either; once you have the data, you need to analyse it, work out what it means for us as a business now – and what it will mean in the future. Become an expert in market intelligence and you’ll help to shape everyone’s thinking from developing the marketing plan to shaping our strategy and business plans. Like the consumer, market intelligence is at the centre of everything we do so if you fancy influencing the direction the business is taking, this could be the team for you.